The shortcomings of hybrid cars,what you need to know before buying a car
Hybrid cars, with their unique appeal - combining the dual advantages of pure electricity and fuel - once made people fall in love with them. However, as more and more owners begin to experience its actual performance, the obvious shortcomings of hybrid cars are gradually surfacing. If you have recently planned to buy a hybrid car, please reconsider whether you can introduce these issues after reading this article.
BAIC BJ60 extended range version rolls off production line with 1,200km battery life
On May 21, the BAIC BJ60 Extended Range Edition (Magic Core Electric Drive Edition) officially rolled off the production line, marking the official launch of a new development pattern of "dual petrol and electric drive" for Beijing Off-Road. The new car offers two seat layout options, 5-seater and 7-seater, and is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine and a range-extended hybrid power system. The new car is expected to be launched in June.
Ford EVOS new model named Mondeo Sport
Recently, the official image of the Ford Mondeo Sport was officially released. As a new Ford EVOS model equipped with a 2.0T hybrid system, the new car will be incorporated into the Mondeo product line and named Mondeo Sport. From then on, the Mondeo family models will have four power systems.
Classification and Introduction of Automotive Active Safety Systems
The car itself is equipped with many active safety systems to improve driving safety, this article to introduce what are the active safety systems, and what is the role of each of them?
fangchengbao SUPER 9
Are pure electric vehicles ushering in a big counterattack?
The 2024 Beijing Auto Show is in full swing. This auto show is also nicknamed the CEO Show. Of course, on the public day, we will definitely not see the big guys again. However, there are more than 200 new cars at this auto show, which are still worth seeing. There is also a very interesting phenomenon that we will talk about together.
Avatar 012 will launch a global co-branded limited edition model
On May 20, we officially learned from Avatar Technology that it will work with Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior menswear and Fendi womenswear and haute couture, to create a fashionable haute couture work - Avatar 012 global joint limited edition. At the same time, the official has not yet announced the specific debut time of this car and what changes it will have.
What is a hybrid car and how do they work?
This article explains what a hybrid car is and how it operates, combining an internal combustion engine and an electric motor for fuel efficiency and lower emissions. You will benefit from understanding the components and benefits of driving a hybrid car, including regenerative braking and advanced control systems.
Why electric cars are more responsive than fuel cars
Readers of this article will benefit from understanding the technical principles behind the faster response time of electric cars, such as the direct control of vehicle speed through electric current and the simplification of the power transmission path. By comparing the powertrains of electric and fuel vehicles, it is possible to appreciate the efficiency and speed at which the electric motor produces torque. Understanding these differences will not only enhance your understanding of electric vehicles, but will also highlight the advantages they offer over traditional fuel vehicles in terms of responsiveness and overall driving experience.
Lotto L60
Onvo will complete 100 directly operated stores this year
On May 16, we attended the Letao brand media meeting. At the scene, nio founder, chairman and CEO Li Bin and nio senior vice president and Onvo automobile president Ai Tiecheng answered some questions from netizens, including Onvo brand sales channels. , nio follow-up product planning, etc. At the same time, Li Bin said that the second generation NIO Phone will be launched this year.
Lotto L60
Pre-sale of 219,900 yuan to go on sale in September ONVO L60 unveiled
On 15 May, Ledao, the second brand of Azera Motors, was officially launched, while its first medium-sized SUV, ONVO L60, completed its debut and announced its pre-sale price. The new car, with a pre-sale price of 219,900 yuan, will be listed and delivered in September. According to the official said, its brand Ledao means ‘the family is happy, the family has the way’, and the brand LOGO means ‘is an upward road, implying a happier, better, more prosperous life journey’.
The price of a battery is equal to half of the car, new energy vehicle battery maintenance must know the method
The importance of proper care and maintenance of your battery cannot be overstated. One of the most important aspects of maintaining your new energy vehicle battery is following proper daily charging habits. This post focuses on some important tips that can help you ensure that your battery stays in tip-top shape.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars
Hybrid vehicles offer significant environmental benefits compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants and the need for fossil fuels are key advantages of hybrid vehicles. By reading this article, people can learn how hybrid vehicles can help create a cleaner environment, improve air quality, and achieve a more sustainable energy future.
Lynk & Co ZERO
Using concept car design, Lynk & Co ZERO renderings are previewed!
Lynk & Co ZERO is the mass-produced version of The Next Day concept car. Everyone has very high expectations for the new car. Many of its styling designs are inspired by The Next Day. Needless to say, the concept car is explosive. As a mass-produced version of ZERO, how long does it look like? What does it look like?
BYD SHARK model unveiled on May 15th official photos released
On May 14, we obtained the official image of its pickup truck model - BYD SHARK model from BYD Mexico's official website. At the same time, according to previous information, the car will make its debut in Mexico on May 14 and focus on overseas markets.
Geely Galaxy E5
First all-electric SUV Geely Galaxy E5 makes debut
 On 13 May, Geely Galaxy E5 officially celebrated its debut, which is Geely Galaxy's first globalised model developed simultaneously for both domestic and overseas markets, as well as its first pure electric SUV.
electric car vehicle
Pre-sale from 28,900 Pentium Pony to roll off the production line on 17 May
A few days ago, we learned from the official that the Pentium Pony will roll off the assembly line on May 17. The car has already started pre-sale, with a total of 3 models launched, with a pre-sale price range of 28,900-34,900 yuan. The Pentium Pony is positioned as a three-door, four-seater micro electric car with a pure electric range of 122km/170km under CLTC conditions.
electric car vehicle
byd Sea Lion 07EV will be available tonight
BYD Sea Lion 07 EV will be officially launched tonight, and the launch conference will start at 7pm.The new car adopts marine aesthetic design and is positioned as a pure electric medium-sized SUV. Based on the brand-new e platform 3.0 evo, it will be equipped with a series of new technologies. The overall performance of the product will be comprehensively improved, and it will face a 200,000 yuan market in the future.Sea Lion 07EV is the first model of BYD Ocean Network's new Sea Lion IP. In the future, Ocean Network will integrate SUV models into Sea Lion IP and sedan models into Seal IP to form a Gemini strategy.
Jetour X90 PRO is a powerful and good looking vehicle with more space for seven seats
Jetour X90PRO's new Chinese aesthetic design is robust and atmospheric. The front has a Galaxy Flow Grille, flanked by penetrating headlights with 197 LED light beads that can be lit individually and can also be linked to the big screen to welcome guests. The rear is also fitted with penetrating taillights, with 236 LED light beads inside to create a cluster effect, and 20-inch five-spoke wheels for a sporty look.
Or more than 120,000, BYD Qin L is expected to be launched on May 28
On 9 May, we learned from relevant channels that BYD's new mid-sized car - Qin L is expected to complete its listing on 28 May. With the future listing of this car, it will form a dual-vehicle pattern with Qin PLUS to meet the needs of different users to buy a car. It is worth mentioning that the new car's future starting price may be more than 120,000 yuan.
The new Accord, which is younger, has active noise cancellation + front acoustic glass in the Comfort trim!
Based on the new Honda Architecture architecture, the new Accord is sharper and more refined in its angles compared to the 10th generation model, with the piano-painted front grille integrated with the headlamps to form a distinctive signature graphic that is highly recognizable. The ultra-thin new LED smoked headlamps have a horizontal base profile, which accentuates the sense of width and high contrast visual effect and highlights the sharpness of the light.
1.5T plug-in hybrid Chery
1.5T plug-in hybrid Chery Fengyun T9 will be launched in late May
Chery Fengyun T9 will be officially launched in late May. The car has been pre-sold before, with the pre-sale price range being 159,900-199,900 yuan. The new car is available with 5 or 7 seats. It is equipped with a 1.5T Kunpeng Super C-DM plug-in hybrid system and has a pure electric range of 120km. In addition, the car will also provide a model with a pure electric range of 200km in the future.
Have a baby to understand the gold content of this moment, Beijing Auto Show to see Zeekr MIX
When you don't have kids, most young people prefer to buy a good-looking sedan or a high-performance crossover. However, after being promoted to become a baby parent, we often have to consider the comfort of traveling with children, and even many baby daddies end up buying MPVs.At the Beijing Auto Show, Kryptonite even brought the Zeekr MIX, a baby bus that many baby parents are excited about.To be honest, the car's gold content is really a bit high, at least for those who have children. At least for the family with children.
BYD SHARK pickup truck
BYD SHARK pickup truck will be released overseas on May 14
We learned from the official that BYD's new pickup truck model - SHARK will be officially released in Mexico on May 14, local time. The vehicle is built on the DMO platform and is also BYD's first new energy pickup truck model.
Pre-sale from $25,700 Lynk & Co 07 EM-P goes on sale May 17th
Lin Jie, Senior Vice President of Geely Automobile Group and General Manager of Link Automotive Sales Company, said that only a differentiated and innovative experience can reduce the impact of homogenized price wars, and that the design in the new energy era can't follow, let alone fall into the cliché. With the extension of the dawn light, ushering in the morning sun, the Link 07 EM-P is the latest masterpiece of Link's new generation design language. Its instantly recognizable Link Fan original charm represents the latest thinking of Link's globalized design team on new energy sedans.
Avatar 15
Or release the trailer for Avatar 15 Avatar's third car
Recently, Avatar officially released a set of preview images of Avatar's third car and stated that the new car will be unveiled in the second half of the year. Previously, Avatar Vice President Yong Jun revealed that two new models, Avatar 15 and 16, will be released in the second half of the year. The Avatar 15 is an SUV that competes with the Tesla Model Y, and the Avatar 16 is a mid-size coupe that competes with the Tesla Model 3. Avatar 15 and 16 will be smaller and cheaper than 11 and 12. The model in this preview picture is an SUV, which should be the Avatar 15.
 new AITO M5
The new AITO M5 ushered in its debut!
At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, the new AITO M5 will be unveiled to the public.Previously, the new car has been officially listed, with a price range of 249,800-279,800 yuan.The new car still has two versions, range-extended and pure electric. The range-extended model is 249,800-279,800 yuan, and the pure tram model is 269,800 yuan.The new AITOM5 is mainly a further upgrade in configuration and design details.The new car will be delivered in bulk from May 15.
Volvo EX30 new car
Delivery of Volvo EX30 starts in June and will be launched on May 20th
The Volvo EX30 is built on a vast platform and is positioned as a Nordic high intelligence pure electric SUV. It is also the smallest SUV model launched by Volvo to date.
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