How is the chassis of BYD Seal?
The BYD Seal also features many marine elements in its design. For example, on the front of the car, in addition to the traditional daytime running lights and high and low beam lights, the BYD Seal also has "ripple lights" on both sides that resemble rippling water. On the small triangular window on the side C-pillar, there is a small patch that looks like "leopard print," a friendly reminder that seals also have leopard print.
The all-new MINI COOPER electric version will be launched on July 6
On June 19, we learned from relevant channels that the new MINI COOPER pure electric version will be officially launched on July 6. The new car has been unveiled and pre-sale has started, with a pre-sale price range of 210,000-270,000 yuan. The new car will be manufactured by Beam Automotive, a joint venture between BMW and Great Wall, with a maximum WLTP range of 402 kilometers and an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds.
Haval H6
New and upgraded, the new Haval H6 will be launched on June 19
Great Wall Haval will hold a launch event for the new Haval H6 (officially called the all-new Haval H6) on June 19, and the price is expected to be announced between 19:30 and 20:30 tonight. The new cars launched this time are mainly fuel-powered models, which have been upgraded in design, interior and intelligence. For reference, the price range of the third-generation models currently on sale is 115,900-146,900 yuan. The price of the national trend version is 98,900-108,900 yuan.
The new Haval H6 will be launched on June 19
The appearance of the new generation Haval H6 adopts the "galaxy aesthetics" design language. Compared with the current models on sale, the front of the car is relatively heavy. The large-sized front grille is filled with array-type armor chrome, which looks quite imposing. There is no grille frame, and the combination with the headlights is more closely. If you are interested, please contact us.
Wuling Xingguang S Electric Car
Officially announced: Wuling Xingchen PLUS renamed Wuling Xingguang S
As a new mid-size SUV model of Wuling brand, Wuling Xingguang S has a stylish exterior design, smooth lines and a sense of power. The new car has a length, width and height of 4745/1890/1680mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm. The size is moderate, which not only ensures the spaciousness of the interior space, but also ensures the flexibility of control. Moreover, this size should be aimed at BYD Song PLUS series models.
 Geely Boyue
New Aurora Purple New Geely Boyue to go on sale on 27 June
A few days ago, we learned from the official, Geely new Bo Yue will be officially listed on June 27, the new model mainly made some configuration adjustments, and added some new colour options.
Arcfox Alpha S5 price
Arcfox Alpha S5 starts shipping, supports 800V high-voltage architecture across the entire region
As the second new sedan created by Arcfox, the Alpha S5 is positioned as a high-performance pure electric sedan. It has both the dynamic posture of a sports car and the comfort and spaciousness of a sedan, fully meeting the increasingly stringent and diversified needs of users.
Avita 07
Avita 07 interior: two-tone design + bright rear configuration
Recently, we obtained a set of latest interior photos of Avita 07, which basically shows all the details of the vehicle. It can be seen that the new car further upgrades the luxury concept based on the existing Avita family style.
Geely Galaxy E5 SUV Car
Comparing with Yuan PLUS, Geely Galaxy E5 is expected to be launched in August
Geely Galaxy E5 is built on Geely GEA intelligent new energy architecture and is positioned as a Class A pure electric SUV. The length, width and height are 4615×1901×1670mm, and the wheelbase is 2750mm. The overall size is similar to that of Galaxy L7. Compared with the mediocre technology of products of the same level, Galaxy E5 firstly takes out five super-level technologies.
VOYAH FREE 318 will be launched tonight
The VOYAH FREE 318 version will be officially launched at 20:00 tonight. The launch of the new model will further enrich the product series. Specifically, the VOYAH FREE 318 version will have a new color scheme and increase the pure electric range to 318 kilometers. As a model that uses extended-range hybrid technology, the VOYAH FREE has a very impressive range performance.
Deepal G318 Hybrid Electric Car
Rich off-road configuration Deepal G318 will be officially launched today
The Deepal G318 has a tough and domineering design. The wide front is only sealed by the shell, and the front grille is removed. While the decorative elements have changed, it also shows its identity as a new energy vehicle. The headlights on both sides are relatively square, and the extended contour lines form a semi-enclosed shape. Compared with the current slender and trendy image, the traditional tough element colors have a sense of enhanced personalization.
Chery Arrizo 8
Choose Xiaomi SU7 or this? Lynkco Z10 is officially released!
Lynk & Co's first pure electric product was officially released to the world in Gothenburg, Sweden, which also means that it will be a brand new electric product for the world, and it is officially named Lynk & Co Z10, instead of ZERO as it has been called before.
Deepal G318 SUV Car
Focus on self-driving and light off-road! Let's understand Deepal G318
Deepal G318 not only inherits the tough appearance and powerful performance of traditional hard-core SUVs, but also incorporates many technological elements, showing a hard-core style in the new era. This car is positioned as a "technological new hard-core" SUV, with four new capabilities as selling points: new hard-core styling, new hard-core comfort, new hard-core space, and new hard-core energy consumption, indicating its ambition and determination to further expand in the field of new energy.
Chery Arrizo 8
Equipped with self-developed 8AT, the first test drive of the new Chery Arrizo 8
Chery Arrizo 8 is a junior in the compact fuel car market of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. It was launched in October 2022. With its youthful appearance, luxurious interior, powerful power and superior space performance, it has gradually risen from obscurity to a place on the sales list. In the past six months, its sales performance has surpassed that of overseas rivals such as Toyota Corolla, Honda Sport and Volkswagen Bora. Now Arrizo 8 is about to be remodeled. The biggest change is the addition of an 8AT gearbox version. Let's take a closer look at its performance.
Lynk & Co ZERO
Lynk & Co ZERO will be launched on June 12th. Preview image released
Recently, Lynk & Co officially released a set of preview images of Lynk & Co ZERO, showing more details of the rear of the car. The new car is positioned as a medium-to-large sedan and is Lynk & Co's first pure electric model. It shares the platform with Zeekr 001 and will be officially released on June 12.
Leapmotor C16 SUV car
Leapmotor's new 6-seat SUV, the Leapmotor C16, is coming soon!
Positioned as a mid-size SUV, the Leapmotor C16 car will be the first Leapmotor to feature 800V fast charging and is scheduled to go on sale and be delivered in mid-2024. In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a similar family design style as the Leapmotor C10, with rounded front lines and a trendy through-headlight cluster. The bumper retains air intakes.
 Toyota Wildlander
The new Toyota Wildlander plug-in hybrid version is on sale at a price starting at RMB 267,800
On June 6, the 2024 Toyota Wildlander plug-in hybrid version was officially launched, with a total of 3 models, priced between 267,800 and 301,800 yuan. The price of the new car is 1,000 yuan more expensive than the old model, and the configuration has been upgraded to Bluetooth keys. In addition, the new car has also undergone minor adjustments in terms of power.
Deepal SL03 review, is this car worth buying?
The face refresh is a major attraction of the Deepal SL03. The new car adds 19-inch new sport wheels, which are more sporty and powerful; the new side skirts increase the width of the decorative strips, which improves the smoothness of the design; and the rear bumper of the tail section is redesigned and optimized, which is more light and sporty. On the interior, SL03 provides two new interior color schemes, Shadow Black and Moon White, which are in line with the current fashion trend.
Changan Eado PLUS
Selling for $13,200, Changan Eado PLUS High Energy Edition goes on sale
The Changan YiDong PLUS stands out in China's domestic sedan market and has won the favor of many consumers with its balanced performance, practical features and affordable price. If you are looking for a cost-effective family sedan, you may want to consider the YiDong PLUS, which is expected to become your loyal partner and meet your diverse travel needs.
Xpeng MONA
Xpeng MONA's first model "Xiangwang 03" rendering preview
At the Xpeng AI Tianji system launch conference in May, the official announced that the first model of the Xiaopeng MONA series will be officially unveiled in June. Recently, spy photos and concept images of the new car have emerged online, but the official has only released 3 preview images.
Envision Plus
New Envision Plus upgraded inside and out, may be launched in early June
Recently, we learned from relevant channels that Buick's new Envision Plus is expected to be officially launched in early June.
BYD Leopard 8 SUV car
The $70,000 class pulls out all the stops BYD Leopard 8 interior was first revealed
As the second model of the Equation Leopard, the Leopard 8 carries the burden of the brand's upward mobility, and is expected to be equipped with the top of the line, the new car will compete with the Tank 700 and will be priced at $70,000, and will be officially launched in the third quarter of the year.
Changan UNI-V
Starting at $16,800 Changan UNI-V High Energy Edition officially launched
Changan UNI-V High Energy Edition shows the latest achievements of Changan Automobile in the field of intelligent driving. Equipped with the IACC intelligent driver assistance system, it provides users with a safer driving environment. The SUPER RACE track mode built into the high-performance version of the model is an innovative feature that not only enhances driving pleasure, but also allows drivers to experience racing-like passion in a safe environment.
Tesla Model 3
Selling for $335,900, the Tesla Model 3 Performance Edition goes on sale
On 2 June, the new Tesla Model 3 High Performance Edition was officially informed by Tesla that the new Tesla Model 3 High Performance Edition will be converted from pre-sale to official sales from now on, and the first deliveries are expected to be opened in mid-June. The official guide price of the new Tesla Model 3 High Performance Edition is 335,900 yuan, and in terms of power, the car has a maximum power of 460 hp, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.1s, and a CLTC range of 623 kilometres.
New Toyota Crown Kluger goes on sale for just $40,600
Crown land release is Toyota car in the domestic market layout of high-end SUV, quite Toyota attention. The car will be launched on May 30th. The new car's interior is fully upgraded with a sense of quality, and the whole system is equipped with a 10.25-inch center control screen and 12.3-inch full LCD instrumentation as standard, with wood grain decoration added to the details.
Toyota Crown
Starting at $284,800, the new Toyota Crown Land Release goes on sale
On May 30, we learned from the official, FAW Toyota's medium-sized SUV - the new Crown Lu Fang officially listed, the new car launched a total of six models, the price range of 28.48-332,800 yuan.
Chery's new midsize SUV with 7-second acceleration, starting at $129,900
At present, Chery Fengyun T9 has been officially listed, the new car brings a total of 4 models, the guide price of 18,500-2,400,000, provides 5 seats and 7 seats, the whole system is equipped with Sony audio + Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip as standard, combined with this price range, it is still a high degree of competitiveness. Here's a look at what hard power the Fengyun T9 has.
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